Concrete Foundation

Concrete Foundation Pensacola Concrete

Concrete foundations are an extremely important part of any building. They provide the base for the home to be built on and allow for it to be structurally sound. If you want the best Pensacola concrete to be used in making your building, then be sure to contact our team for more details.

The Process

As one of the best concrete companies in Pensacola Florida, we follow strict steps and guidelines when setting the foundation of a building. These are the main steps when installing a foundation:

We will check the conditions of the soil. There are certain cases where the soil can affect the type of foundation that can be built. We would also like that you have the lot surveyed before we begin. This short process ensures that we know where it is alright to install the concrete foundation.

Once the properly sized hole is dug out, we can get to work. We will install the footings first, although they might appear different depending on what type of foundation we are making. When the footings have been sealed, we can start pouring in the concrete.

We will need to wait until the concrete has cured before moving on. But once it has, we will use concrete blocks to help build the wall of the basement. We always create straight, level flooring and ensure that the ground is sealed and free from moisture. 

Three Types of Concrete Foundations

There are three types of foundations and each is used under different circumstances. You will want to be sure that you have an idea of the rest of your building so that we know what kind of foundation will be best. 

The first type is the T shaped foundation. This type can support a building in areas where the ground is known to freeze. It is built by placing the footing below where the ground can freeze and adding the walls above it. This supports any structure very well.

Slab on grade foundations is a single, thick layer of concrete. The slab needs to be thicker at the edges of the foundation, where more weight is going to be placed. The slab will also sit on top of the gravel to ensure that the ground can still drain properly. This type of foundation works best in areas where they found it does not freeze.

 The frost-protected foundation only can be used with a heated building. It relies on an insulation system to keep the heat inside, preventing frost. This type will be unlikely to be used in your local area, although we would not want to rule out the possibility that you need it.

Those are the three types of concrete foundations that are used today. Depending on the area, different types are more or less effective. We will come by to check out your home and see what needs to be done. We pour all of our slabs on-site so that you know that they are perfectly tailored to fit your building.