Concrete Sidewalks

Concrete Sidewalks Concrete Pensacola fl

This is another one of our more popular services. Many people who have had old sidewalks in front of their homes appreciate having them replaced. Old sidewalks can stick out at strange angles and be heavily cracked- making them harder to walk on than they need to be.

If you want to try our concrete in Pensacola FL for your sidewalk, we would be more than willing to come to help you with the reinstallation. Our team is very experienced and are dedicated to making wonderful looking paths.

What to Expect

We will come to your home to install the concrete. Our trucks will have it with them and we can pour it directly into the planned site. We will mark your planned path with spray paint, then set up wood bars to indicate where to work. 

From there, we will dig out the sidewalk, add gravel and sand if necessary to the bottom layer, then pour in the concrete. We will smooth it out and seal it, then we ask that you let the concrete cure before you walk on it. We will let you know how long to wait, as it is different depending on the weather and how large your sidewalk is.


We can also provide you with many unique colors and patterns to create a unique design for your new sidewalk. You can mix and match these ideas together however you see fit. Or, you can ask our team members what they think would look best with your home. Our team is made from the best concrete contractors in Pensacola FL, so we are sure that you will love the paths that they create.

We can make the sidewalk look like brick, stone, tile, or other materials. Be sure to check out the rest of our page for ideas on what we can make for you using concrete. Our team always loves to hear our clients’ ideas, so do not hesitate to reach out and let us know what you are thinking of making for this project.

Replacing Old Sidewalk

We can also help you by replacing the old sidewalk in front of your home. This could include just a section of the sidewalk or the entire strip. Sidewalks are very low maintenance, but we tend to not notice how damaged they are until they are pretty awful.

First, we will assess how bad the damage on your old sidewalk is. Sometimes they just have a few cracks or pooling water. In other cases, the slabs are uneven or completely lifting away from the rest of the sidewalk.

Once we have determined what is wrong, we will cut out the damaged areas and clean away debris. After that, we can start the repair process. We will do our best to fix up the current sidewalk, but there are cases where they need to be completely reinstalled.

We will use a variety of materials and a concrete bonding agent for the repairs. If they need to be replaced, we will use hammers to crush the sidewalk into movable pieces. From there, we can refill the hole in the ground with fresh, even cement.